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Model DLT_8500B_12 battery monitoring system is designed for 12V battery.The system is consist of hardware and software. The system can real-time monitor charge, discharge, float and suspension of battery.

Main measurement:

●String parameters: voltage, current and temperature
●cell parameters: voltage ,temperature ,internal resistance
Battery warning software, together with DLT _B8500B battery monitoring system can:manage batteries units, set parameters, analysis trend, set communication, time correction etc. users could increase battery units, change battery parameters and change warning parameters, acquire present and previous data, and also could analysis the data trend in any period of time and form curve and chart, through which user could analysis how the parameters changes in every period of time; also can know the inconsistency of every single cell: print the curve and chart at any time..
Parameter tested:
String parameters :voltage,current, working temperature
Cell parameters : voltage and shell temperature
special parameters: cell internal resistance